We are Dietitians based in Welkom.

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These days there are so many differing opinions about what and what not to eat and drink. 

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Over 35 Years Combined Experience In The Field Of Nutrition.

As Dietitians we are passionate about helping people achieve a healthy lifestyle. We make science based nutrition easy and practical for your everyday life. So book an appointment with us today and start the journey to a healthier you.

What We Offer For Good Health?

Here are a list of services our professional Dietetics team can help with.

Weight Control

Everything you need to manage your weight

Disease Specific Nutrition

Target specific issues with effective nutrition

Sports Nutrition

Support the needs of your body for increased performance

Maternal & Child Nutrition

Receive optimal nutrition during pregnancy

Health Promotion Talks

Your key to valuable knowledge

Patient Stories

How our patients have benefited from our nutritional services.

"I would highly recommend Nalet. She has taught my family a tremendous amount about a healthy lifestyle making it easy enough for anyone to follow." Read more >
Rozanne Cock
"With Nalet's help and encouragement I achieved the goals I strived for. With her help it went so well. My weight dropped to 81kg and my waist line dropped to 82cm." Read more >
Arthur Holland
"In 2003 I was disagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Christiaan helped me to alter my eating habits. Thanks to him I am now living an active and healthy life." Read more >
Pauline Smith

Read Our Free Health Tips

Read our free health tips and find out what common food group in your diet when consumed excessively could cause Hypertension. For a personalised nutrition plan catered to your specific requirements contact us today.

Effects of Good Nutrition

Research shows that effective nutrition has numerous benefits.

Healthy Heart

Long-term sustained weight loss for overweight patients significantly reduces the risk of developing a heart attack or stroke.

Healthy Liver

Research shows that the most important step in treating liver damage due to obesity is changing your diet and lifestyle.


Strong evidence supports the effectiveness of lifestyle modification for Diabetes sufferers.

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