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We are dietitians based in Welkom and we would love tho share with you what’s new in the field of Nutrition (please read our Blog page) and a few basic information about the Dietetic profession (please see below).
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Do you want to study Dietetics?

Then the big question: Will there be work for me when I’m finished studying?

There are many fields of practice for dietitians, please read below for more information.

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Different fields of Dietetic practice

Community Dietitian


A dietitian can work within the community on a primary health care basis with the main focus on preventative health care and nutrition education. Dietitians are involved in many programmes within primary health care with a focus on mother and infant nutrition, breastfeeding, community vegetable gardens and healthy lifestyle promotion.

Food service Dietitian


Dietitians are qualified food service managers, have extensive knowledge on food safety and play essential role in the food service team with regards to meal planning and special diets. Many different disease states require different diets to manage the disease correctly. Dietitians help develop the menus, and train staff on the special diets.

Industrial Dietitians


This is a very underdeveloped field of practice in South Africa and only a very few dietitians work in this field, they normally advice big companies like the mining houses on food safety, food security etc. Some also work for chain stores e.g. Pick a Pay or Woolworths. Some are also involved in product development e.g. hydration formulas, new sustained energy drinks etc.

Oncology Dietitians


This is an up and coming field of nutrition with room for growth within it. Oncology dietitians see hospital and out patients and assist with improving their health through nutrition, maintaining a healthy weight, managing the nutritional side effects of cancer treatment and adapting the diet to optimise nutritional intake.

Clinical Dietitians


Clinical dietitians usually work within a hospital setting and play an essential role within the medical or rehabilitation team. Dietitians are essential in critical care settings where patients are ventilated and are unable to eat, require supplements to improve clinical parameters or (*** Vitamins**). Clinical dietitians also consult patients regarding their diet and lifestyle in terms of their disease e.g. Hypertension, Diabetes, Cholesterol.

Private Practicing Dietitians

Dietitians within a private practice often play a role in all aspects of dietetics.